We provide specialist Virtual Assistants to Agencies & Agents coupled with the information, tech support and knowhow to integrate these assistants into office operations quickly and efficiently.


Successfully integrating a Virtual Assistant into an Agency takes time, effort & persistance. With the benefit of our experience Agencies can do it fast and with significantly less effort by avoiding the common pitfalls. We help Agencies to understand their office pressure points and subsequently clarify where Virtual Assistants can deliver swift productivity gains and efficiencies. 


Our Virtual Assistants are provided with both general industry training & also specific training based on the individual requirements of each Agency before they commence work.

In addition we also assist Agencies to implement their admin processes, establish effective lines of communication and the implementation of secure remote access to networks and systems. 



All Clients and all Assistants require support from time to time. Our Clients are supported via phone, email, video conference and office visits whenever required. Our Assistants operate from our own service centre which ensures business grade communications and broadband and as importantly to benefit from the day to day support provided by our extensively trained Team Leaders.