How Real Estate Virtual Assistants Can Help Expand Your Business

In today’s real estate jungle, it’s hard to keep doing things alone. Sure, you get to keep all the profit to yourself, but for how long can you keep up? The idea is bigger than that, isn’t it? You need to look further. You need to look at the bigger picture, preferably one that involves real estate virtual assistants.

Once you’ve acknowledged that you aren’t superhuman, move on to the next step. As a real estate professional, delegating some of the work you do would benefit you in various ways, giving you some spare time to focus on other profit-oriented activities first and foremost. Real estate virtual assistants can provide you with the edge you need to thrive in the real estate market.

So what exactly do real estate virtual assistants do?

The idea is that, even if you are a good, or even excellent real estate agent, there is a point where you know that you will need to hire some additional firepower.

The truth is that you can’t be your own assistant, and until you get one, you are one. There some benefits to using a real estate virtual assistant.

  • They are contractors Unlike your full time hired staff, virtual assistants are contractors. Agonizing over trivialities like bringing someone new on board along with the required tons of paperwork is a thing of the past.

  • They are less costly Since they’re not a part of your on-board staff, you aren’t responsible for their taxes and insurance. Also, in the eventual circumstance of employment termination, you won’t have to deal with the unemployment insurance policy.

  • They work remotely The word “virtual” pretty much sums this up. Their working space is far away from yours. This way you have more office space that you can utilize for more productive uses.

  • They are versatile Virtual assistants are flexible to any type of working schedule. This includes doing work part time, working on a sole project, etc.

  • They are able and ready to go Unlike the investment you have to put in an on site assistant for things like training and additional managing, hiring a virtual assistant is cheaper, time and resource-wise.

Intriguingly, real estate agents have shown quite a reluctance towards outsourcing a portion of the work they do. Only when they get to the edge of the cliff, realizing they can’t do it all, they succumb to the bitter reality – they need help. Being a real estate professional isn’t doing a job that just “works for you”, but rather fashioning a career that serves you as a businessman.

This is where the virtual assistant comes in. The help that a virtual assistant can provide is usually divided into three separate areas.

  • Administrative work This is the usual stuff. Coordinating transactions, taking care of the paperwork, inserting info into the Multiple Listing Service and helping with the contract-to-close procedure. This also includes database management, data storage, data search, along with detailed reports on the work done.

  • Marketing support A virtual assistant can help you with updating your social media circles, creating flyers, videos, various templates, whatever you need to promote your work. Whatever it is that constitutes bringing additional attention to your websites, a virtual assistant can do it. No matter how repetitive the work is, they can handle it. This also includes telemarketing. Most real estate agents are relatively reluctant when it comes to making the first contact with their leads. A virtual assistant can help you by making the first few calls, allowing you to engage in later when the ground is not so cold.

  • Sales support This is the tricky part. Creating a system that will keep clients informed and comfortable in order to close a deal is the hardest part of the job. A decent agent can manage three or 4 contacts, but that’s not enough. A couple of years back, the National Association of Realtors published a statistic which stated that 80 percent of all sales are made between the fifth and the twelfth contact. Using a so-called inside sales assistant can help you turn your leads into a closed deal.

Concerning employment

When hiring, you should divide the delegated work to multiple virtual assistants, in cases when the workload could be too much for just one virtual assistant. This way you can better align the work they’re doing with the rate you’re paying.

Moreover, it is a common thing among virtual assistants that work on an hourly basis, to terminate their employment unexpectedly. Also a common thing will be for you to terminate their employment, for various reasons.

Whatever the scenario, the end result is the same – you will need to have additional virtual assistants in case someone drops out. If you only have one and he quits on you – you’re done, you’re out of business.

How to start?

The idea is to start sooner rather than later. It’s always best to take a better look at your business and separate it into fragments in order to have a better vision of what you can delegate to a virtual assistant. One of the great things about real estate is that a significant portion of it can be outsourced.

So the best approach is to break down your business into parts. See what you want to do, what you don’t wanna do, your preferences based on your skill set, your spare time, etc. and from there you can get to a conclusion as to what you would want to delegate i.e. outsource. Start from smaller things, and go from there.

Where to start?

When it comes to the subject of virtual assistants in the real estate business, there isn’t a shortage of places where you might look. Starting from sites like Upwork (formerly oDesk) or Freelancer, ending with a simple googling of the phrase “real estate virtual assistants”.

Depending on the work you want to delegate, your preferences regarding a virtual assistant skill set, along with the credentials a virtual assistant might have, you have a variety of websites that provide these types of services.

There is a much easier way to hire virtual assistants

I know what you’re thinking, “looking for virtual assistants is simply too tiring”. I agree, it really is. Finding good candidates is time-consuming and it’s so easy to end up with mediocre contractors.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could just be teamed up with verified contractors? The staffing package that we offer provides just that, verified employees! Our contractors are already tested and you don’t need to worry about them turning out lousy.

We test many of our contractors on our own projects. We only allow pre-screened contractors and we get most of them via referrals. You don’t even have to negotiate a price with them – we’ve done that for you and got a great deal!


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