1. BPO Topic Selection

2. Topic Training Program and Assessment Formulation

3. Online Assessment Program to Facilitate Large Scale Candidate Vetting

4. Induction Training and Personality Profiling – 2nd Vetting

5. Rolling 3 Week Training Program with detailed indiv. assesment at completion of each BPO topic

6. Daily/Weekly update of available candidates

7. Week 4 & 5

Training modules ready for any trainees awaiting commencement

8. Dedicated call centre for RW enquiries, questions & interview scheduling

9. Interview Facilitation

EG. GoToMeeting

10. Paperwork completion

11. Team leader verification of agency process protocols

12. Client support & assistant support during commencement

13. Ongoing support & process troubleshooting



14. Quality control via service calls & survey program

15. Reporting