REAssist is a business developed by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agencies and Agents.



Our Director, Ian Crawley, is a fully licensed Agent with over 26 years experience in business general management & business administration. 6 years property management and property sales experience. In addition to developing, operating and successfully selling an Independent Property Agency Ian has held senior positions in a number of businesses including QLD State Manager for one of the three primary Telco carriers, General Manager for a national retailing business & National Sales Manager for a national food distributor. Ian has owned and operated a general Virtual Assistant Agency for the past 7 years the last 4 of which specialising specifically in virtual assistants for real estate.



Our on site Technical Director is Jason Ancheta. Jason has over 13 years experience in Call Centre planning,

installation and set up. Jason has a Degree in Telecommunications & IT and is an expert in network infrastructure installation, management and security.





AR (Ayar) Bolanza heads our Customer and People Support Team. AR has a Bachelor of Art's Degree in Communications with a major in Broadcasting. AR has considerable experience with real estate tasks and processes and is ideally placed to assist onboarding Clients and Assistants.

Gian Paolo is our Human Resource Officer. Gian has a degree in Economics and Business Research and has 5+ experience in compensation and benefits, employee engagement, labour and employee relations, performance management, recruitment, and learning and development. 




Mica Cleofas is our Recruitment Officer. Mica is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology which she achieved in 2015. Combined with her recruitment experience and experience as a real estate Virtual Assistant Mica has a deep understanding of the personnel required for successful client engagements.

Glenford Comancho is our Training Officer. Glenford achieved a Degree in Nursing in 2015 but turned his attention towards the BPO industry shortly after graduation. Having been a top performing real estate VA for a major franchise operation Glenford has first hand knowledge of the tasks a VA must be pre-prepared for. 

Rose Juliano is our Administration Officer. Rose is our jack of all trades go to resource for a multitude of tasks. Every organisation has a "Rose" and every organisation would be lost without one....we would definitely be lost without ours!

Our Real Estate Assistants (REA's) are primarily Philippine University Graduates. The advantages of Philippines based Assistants versus other nationalities is threefold: 

1. English is taught in all schools from primary school onwards, making the Philippines the world’s third largest English-speaking country. With a literacy rate at over 94% the Philippines towers over other Asian and Indian nations in this regard.

2. The Philippine public and private university system combined produces over 350,000 graduates per year. This includes, but is not limited to, degrees in business administration, accounting, marketing & communications, computer science and programming.

3. The Philippine work ethic makes for ideal candidates, many with ideal western accents. Philippine Assistants treasure their roles and are prepared to work to their utmost to ensure that the employer sees their value. The reward is the ability to work in a team environment, in a pleasant admin friendly office and to have a regular salary that is appropriate to their skill set.


It is suffice to say that an REA role is a highly sought position in comparison to other available work options.


Together we understand the resource issues that prohibit many property management & sales operations from reaching their full potential. 


We can help you to create time and efficiencies because we know, through direct experience, how to best integrate overseas assistants into office operations quickly and efficiently.