Our Assistants can perform a wide range of Commercial Sales Assistant / Administration tasks. These are listed below:​


1. Duplicate Merge
2. Contacts Clean Up (New and Existing Categories)
3. Withdraw Listings
4. New Listings (Copy links in to CRM (URLs on listings))
5. Most Recent New Listings - Sent to All agents via email
6. Enter enquiries from website emails to CRM
7. Action expired listings in CRM
8. Chase agents for Offer Conditions Due
9. Chase agents for Settlements Due
11. Clean up agents categories
12. Agents Listed and Sold Post Records.
13. Facebook Page Management
14. Update Trust Receipts (Attach receipts to agent's folders re money put in trust)
15. Settled Properties (Update management reports)
16. Unconditional/Under Offer Properties (Update management reports)


1. Update Vacancy Listings
2. Report formulation of Sold and Leased properties by agent
3. Data Research Sold and Leased from different Listing sites
4. Update open listings module in CRM
5. Update market report for Sales and Leases in specific suburbs for Statistical purposes
6. Compile Report on Conditional and Settled Deals
7. Updating of Agent's listings 
8. Back Tracking of contacts that needs to be contacted
9. Compile and send Send Vendor Reports to Agents
10. Brochure creation EG. Case studies and editorial - create a brochure that can be featured social media / print media
11. Create  Meeting Slideshows
12 Clean / update Solicitors Info in CRM


1. Withdraw Listings/Manually withdraw listings for business
2. Database Creation/ Data Mining 
3. New Business listings - send website links to agent via email.
4. Complete Buyer/Lessee Match for new listings
5. Action Unsubscribe Alerts - completed after buyer/lessee match
6. Price, Photo or Text Changes on Listings